Do you feel that emotion? Discover ‘Distant Shores’ and ‘Reflection’ as part of @lostlymusic 's #puretrance Volume 7 Mix, and grab your copy here:
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@richsolarstone: "I spend a lot of time layering elements (or stems) or different tracks over other tracks to kind of weave a tapestry, I think often that goes un-noticed and it’s a very important part of the mix compilation experience, ...
@lostlymusic : “I wanted to give the mix a different approach, which was to try and collaborate with as many artists as possible, and this in itself was quite challenging…” Read the full interview on
‪Today’s show is a special 2 hour edition to celebrate the release of #puretrance7 - tune in to the live stream at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT via the Solarstone socials for an expanded episode! ‬
Easy choice for @richsolarstone - have you fallen in love with @orkidea 's brilliant track 'Forward Forever' yet? Discover it here ->
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@kristinasky : “I’ve spent countless hours digging through music to find those lesser played gems and share them with my audience. PT resonates a lot with me because I feel it operates in a similar way, and represents quality over ...
Oh yes. The latest @orkidea gem is here and ready to rock you with more hooks than a fisherman's tackle bag - it's 'Forward Forever' indeed! ->