Immerse yourself into a 1 hr journey of the latest quality progressive & trance with Solarstone's Pure Trance Radio #168. Featuring music by Jan Blomqvist, Dezza, Roger Shah, Kristina Sky & Markus Schulz.
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Which track is your personal Tune of the Year? You only get to pick 1! ;)
7 #puretrance releases featured in the Beatport Trance Top 100! 💪 Which one's your personal favourite?
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Some tracks simply make you forget about the fact that it's Monday. In fact, they make you forget about the world. Well done, Allende
Discover 'False Memory' ->
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"Mark Found - In The Room sounds like what @ericprydz might write for a release on #puretrance!" @KristinaSky
Discover 'In The Room' as part of Kristina's Mix on Pure Trance Volume 7:
It's been a massive year for @lostlymusic and we're proud to have had him on board for #puretrance Volume 7 and the release of his duo 'Reflection' and 'Distant Shores'. Discover them here:
One month to go until we head into 2019 - where do you want the next #puretrance adventure to land?
UK duo Ally Brown and Dave Walker, also known as @StupidExperts , bring a beautiful ode to Ally's daughter Alice - with lush piano, synth brass and ethereal whammy guitar layers ❤️ Out now on #pureprogressive:
@orkidea 's #forwardforever continues to wow the crowds. Here's @richsolarstone rocking Rong's 8th BDay at Manchester last weekend!
We're still in love with it:
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