Since it was conceived in the basement clubs and backstreet studios of Berlin in ’93 and propelled over-ground in ‘98, trance has twisted, transformed and mutated in a hundred different directions. Solarstone – one of its foremost draughtsmen – is the man behind an acclaimed roots return for the genre. A rally against inorganic and trend-driven Trance, his is a rediscovery or what first drew so many to the genre’s flame. For those more interested in what’s good, rather than what’s ‘the latest’, all your wishes have come true… Behold Pure Trance!


Created & hosted by trance pioneer Solarstone, Pure Trance was introduced in 2012 to fill a massive gap in the market created by musical fads and fashions in the electronic music club scene and is now supported by a huge & extremely passionate fan-base & fellow musicians. Now in it’s 11th year, Pure Trance has grown into one of the world’s most trusted, respected & successful Trance brands, fuelled by a globally recognised and organically evolving sound. Solarstone’s Pure Trance Radio Show is delivered to 2.5 million podcast subscribers each month. Four acclaimed Record Labels have released +750 records to date plus a best-selling annual 10-volume compilation series. Pure Trance has evolved into a worldwide touring Club Event concept – boasting +100 Sold Out shows from New York to Melbourne & Miami to Amsterdam to date at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including Ageha (Tokyo), Exchange (Los Angeles) & former Ruby Skye (San Francisco) – plus additional sold-out Warehouse, Yacht & Boat parties plus consecutive sold-out shows at ADE.


Millions of Trance lovers worldwide felt abandoned by a shift towards cold, aggressive music containing none of the emotion, melody or spiritual essence of ‘Pure’ trance music – a sound which has proved time and again to be one with true longevity, which has captivated and united electronic music lovers worldwide since Trance first exploded onto the international scene in 1998. ‘Solarstone presents Pure Trance’ events have aside these transient and ultimately temporary fads and fashions, bringing together world renowned, experienced & respected DJs with millions of fans & clubbers who know that this sound is here to stay and wish to proudly celebrate it. Vive La Trance!


Together with your host Solarstone, we present a bespoke selection of brilliant artists & performers including (but not limited to) Orkidea, Sneijder, Lostly, Robert Nickson, Factor B, John 00 Fleming, Nick Warren, Gai Barone, Kristina Sky & Forerunners – stars of the genre who continue to push the Pure sound of Trance, artists who are passionate, dedicated & consistently fill clubs worldwide with a devoted audience who trust in the positive and embracing sound of Pure Trance.

Together we rejoice in the sound of driving, melodic & captivating Pure Trance music; a devout celebration of the music at the heart of the biggest, loudest and most spectacular events in the electronic music world.