Track to track, remix-by-remix and gig-through-gig, the last six years have seen Gai Barone’s hyper-cultured sound abound evermore through the twin electronic music worlds of progressive and trance. Fusing the two as never before, into an engagingly complex mix of the atmospheric and the floor-powerful, it a blend that has seen him transcend cult name & in-the-know status to oft-cited future-hero of the masses. His musical lifetime has seen the Italian record & remix for an estimable cross-section of planet’s cooler trance’s labels. Already on the receiving end of his considered studio touch have been imprints like Armada, Perfecto, Afterglow, Hope Recordings, Saturate Audio, Black Hole Recs, JOOF, Re*Brand, Bonzai, Coldharbour and others.

As a music-maker the name ‘Gai Barone’ has become a near byword for production sophistication among the scenes’ DJ glitterati, with his bipartisan sonic appeal never more apparent than it is today. He’s a producer as quick to the lips of mainline trance spinners like Armin, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Solarstone and others, as he is to the set lists of the Nick Warrens, Max Grahams, Gabriel & Dresdens and Apparats of this world. As a DJ he’s stoked the floor-fires bright the world over, raising club & festival Fahrenheit from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, London to Athens, Ibiza, Canada and beyond. His set style and cool behind-the-decks manner have drawn comparisons to the early days of spinners like Cattaneo, Digweed, Holden and others. He’s moved floors far & wide, playing everywhere from super-clubs like Privilege to festivals like Luminosity. 2015 sees Barone confirmed for debuts at Tomorrowland, Belgium, London’s Ministry of Sound and many other club mainstays and festival tent-poles.