Up next in our interview series is the man behind the earlier this year released album ‘ World Citizen‘ featuring the succesfull singles  ‘Elements of Nature‘, ‘Canvas‘ and ‘Natural Source‘ . We are proud to welcome Mike Dierckx, aka M.I.K.E, to our line up for this Saturday’s  Luminosity Invites: Solarstone pres. Pure Trance @ Beachclub Fuel in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands.



01. Pure Trance stands for the return to the essence of trance music, away from the over-commercialized sounds of today. To what extent can you relate to this concept in your own DJ / live sets? M: When I’m up on stage, I try and create that same feel that was felt when Trance was first arose. Being that I was a big part of that era is a huge privilege and I carry that till this day forward. Anyone who knows the Trance scene can relate to this and my music. I have an appreciation for Pure Trance. It’s events like these that keep real Trance alive!


02. When you produce new music, how would you say you work in terms of the purity of the sound compared to modern day trends in producing?

M: When it comes to producing, I have my own stamp on the music that comes out of my studio. Surely times have changed and technology has even changed the way producing enfolds, but my signature sound is unmistakable no matter what and I make sure of that. I do however miss my analog gear. Nothing like it. That’s pure nostalgia feel.


03. How do you feel about being part of the line up of Pure Trance?

M: I feel really connected. It will feel good and that will transpire over to the people on the dancefloor. Looking very forward to it. J


04.  Previous ‘Solarstone pres. Pure Trance’ nights have all proven to be highly successful. What memorable performance of yourself at what event would you like to share with us?

M: Luminosity has always been a memorable experience. The intimacy of these kind of events is what I like most. The people know exactly what they are there for.


05. To the people who are coming to the Luminosity invites Solarstone pres. Pure Trance on June 15th: any nice words? 😉

M: You want Trance? M.I.K.E. stands for one thing — Trance. And behind that is a whole history of it. Join me so that I can show you. See you there! J