Australia’s Factor B, or Brendan Blatt in real life, has come a long way since falling in love with the genre in ’99. This week, Pure Trance released his ‘Sacrosanct’, the tune that’s been kept as an ID for nearly 2 months, until it burst out and left everyone speechless. Time to get to know this upcoming talent a bit better and see what’s ahead.


Hi Brendan! Thanks for taking some time to do this little interview with us! How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Factor B:”My pleasure! I’m very well thanks, currently at home in the studio in Melbourne, Australia.”

For those that don’t know you yet, who’s Factor B and how should we know you?
Factor B:”Factor B is my Trance alter-ego! The guy who sits in dark rooms in front of studio monitors for hours upon hours writing music that hopefully makes people connect with the pure side of uplifting, euphoric trance. Most people probably wouldn’t know me, apart from my first major release ‘Stratos Galaxias’ earlier in the year, I haven’t given them a reason to know me until now, so all I can say is that I’m very humbled at the opportunity to release my music to such amazing trance fans on such a great label like Pure Trance.”

Congrats on the release of ‘Sacrosanct’! It’s such a beauty. Now what can you tell us about how this track got into being?
Factor B:”Thank you! One of the things that got me connected to music and trance in particular in the early years was tunes that had meaningful names. It was like you could visualize and mentally propel yourself into what the artist was trying to portray through their music.
For me Sacrosanct was like any other track until I formulated the main melody & piano line. I immediately thought, there’s something very classic and nostalgic about this, it’s almost a sacred sound that doesn’t feature in many trance tunes these days. After piecing together the vocals and the rest of the tune together – I thought it was more than a fitting name for the tune.”

For months, it’s been kept as an ID, played out by several big names and receiving loads of praise. How did that feel?
Factor B:”As a new producer on the scene, I’ll admit – it was tough! Having such amazing feedback from Artists and DJ’s that you have so much respect for was and is such an incredible feeling, Dan from Neptune Project in particular has been such a great influence and supporter, makes all the time spent in the studio absolutely worth it. I actually finished the tune in April and have just been sitting on it for close to 9 months now. When it first started to surface as ID-ID in Neptune Project, Bryan Kearney and Solarstone sets some people thought it was a remix of Gouryella – Anahera! As humbling as that was, I wrote the tune before Anahera was released and obviously it wasn’t a remix, so I found it funny for months no one knew who’s tune it was, but seeing all the comments and predictions on who they thought was behind the tune was really cool and humbling to see.
The release process can take a while, early on It had some fantastic interest from some amazing labels, but once I spoke with Rich about it featuring on the new Pure Trance 4 CD – I thought that was most fitting – even though I had to wait another 2 months for its release!”

It’s very much a pure trancer, making it an excellent fit to our label!
Factor B:”Absolutely, for me, my aim is to build a reputation that’s synonymous with the uplifting, euphoric trance sound – but with my own spin. My trance music heritage lies within the classic years of 99’-early 2000’s. For me it’s the longer breakdowns, layers of melodies and bigger build ups that create that personal connection to the music. It’s like people find their own space within the tune, Trance is amazing like that, each person’s personal connection to a song can be completely different to the next – but always have the same overall uplifting, energetic effect.”

Word is on the street that you’ve got quite some big tunes coming up! So, what’s ahead for you in the next couple of months?
Factor B:”After releasing Stratos Galaxias earlier in the year, It’s seems as if I have a bit of a back log of projects at the moment! With Sacrosanct being in the pipeline for 9 months it’s allowed me to produce a couple of follow ups which I’m really excited about.
I’ve recently just completed a remix for Pure Trance which I can’t wait for people to hear, and soon to be announced is my new tune signed by Aly & Fila on FSOE, which I also can’t wait for everyone to hear. Further to that I’ve just completed a remix for one of my good friends Robert Nickson, a tune from his artist album with Re:Locate (which is an amazing album) which should pop up in the new year.”

Get ‘Sacrosanct’ on Beatport now!