01. Pure Trance stands for the return to the essence of trance music, away from the over-commercialized sounds of today. To what extent can you relate to this concept in your own DJ / live sets? A: I can relate to that very much. The word “commercial” though is not bad by definition to be honest. Electronic music can be deep and clubby but still work in the commercial market. But yes, if it drifts in a way that’s just too cheesy and too over-commercial sounding, it always gets some weird taste. In my sets and productions I always try to not cross that line as well.


02. When you produce new music, how would you say you work in terms of the purity of the sound compared to modern day trends in producing? A: Of course I always try to keep up those signature M.O.R.P.H. sound in general, which is a bit more driving, clubby and not too much “over the top” like some of today’s bigroom trance anthems. For me it’s more important that it all fits together very well and that all elements weigh in balance. That’s how you keep the atmosphere instead of just adding some big and loud synths in the break that rips the audience in two halfs, you know? Haha! I mean…that works fine on the dancefloor, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t do it like that. That’s what differs my music from those modern trends in producing.


03. How do you feel about being part of the line up of Pure Trance? A: It’s great! It’s always nice to be part of such a party in a nice location. I know Solarstone and the others for years, and Rich has started a nice series with his Pure Trance concept, also production-wise he has proven himself as a great artist in Trance once again. Being asked to be a part of it: always a good feeling.


04. Previous Pure Trance nights have all proven to be highly successful. What memorable performance of yourself at what event would you like to share with us? A: Phew, of course there are lots of memorible moments and it’s always hard to pick up one in particular. Let’s take ASOT600 at Madison Square Garden NYC earlier this year. That was just mindblowing to play in such a legendary venue. Will never forget that.


05. To the people who are coming to the Luminosity invites Solarstone pres. Pure Trance on June 15th: any nice words? 😉
A: Haha, never easy to find the right words on those. I can only say thanks for the support I get from that scene, and I’m really looking forward to the party