Leading up to our next event, Luminosity Invites: Solarstone pres. Pure Trance @ Beachclub Fuel on Saturday June 15th, we sat down with all artists for a quick interview.


Here’s the first one – with Italian Pure Trance Maestro, Giuseppe Ottaviani.


01. Pure Trance stands for the return to the essence of trance music, away from the over-commercialized sounds of today. To what extent can you relate to this concept in your own DJ / live sets?

GO: Despite the fact that my sound isn’t totally “pure” these days my whole project focus on the beauty of melodies and Trance remains the best option for me to match my musical taste. I’m obviously influenced from the new sounds as well but I really care of taking only those elements that attract my attention and bring them into my sound delivering something really fresh but that remains true to my trance roots and keeps my identity intact.


 02. When you produce new music, how would you say you work in terms of the purity of the sound compared to modern day trends in producing?

GO:  Well I guess the main difference is that I’m an hardware based producer and I still have all my classic sounds stored into my keyboards. Apparently all the new sounds come from software synths with their typical “digital sound” recognizable in almost every record today. As I said before there are a lot of things that I like from the new sounds and I try to make them as part of my own sound. But more than just grabbing a sound from those very famous soft-synths I very much prefer to jump on my keyboards and try to reconstruct that kind of sound. The good thing is that it will never sound the same but it will turn into something more unique and this will enhance even more my production. Delivering fresh music without loosing my identity is my goal.


03. How do you feel about being part of the line up of Luminosity invites: Solarstone pres. Pure Trance @ Beachclub Fuel?

GO: It’s a big honor for me of course and I’ve been a huge fan of this project since the beginning and I’m really happy to see that is working incredibly well. It’s great to see that people love to listen something different from the more generic sound of these days.


04.  Previous Solarstone pres. Pure Trance nights have all proven to be highly successful. What memorable performance of yourself at what event would you like to share with us?

GO: The club show I have done together with Solarstone in Buenos Aires in November last year was one of my highlights of 2012. Incredibly packed club till 7am, no body left before the music went off. That was just amazing. Another great one were the Pure Trance events at Exchange in LA and in Miami earlier this year.


05. To the people who are coming to the Luminosity invites Solarstone pres. Pure Trance on June 15th: any nice words?

GO: No words, just good music 🙂