Hi Maria! Thanks for taking some time to reply to our questions! So, first of all: how are you doing?
Maria: ”I am great, thank you very much! No complaints. I am just back from playing at Cream in Amnesia, Ibiza, so I still have this permanent grin I can’t seem to wipe off my face!”

‘The Story’ was just released and it’s very well-received and loved by many. Now, we’d love to know the story behind ‘The Story’ – if there is any?
Maria: ”The name ‘The Story’ came from the pluck melody. I think the plucks are telling you a little story. That’s that! I wanted to make the track stand out with the dramatic kick drums on the break. It comes as a surprise in the tune and hopefully leaves the clubbers with something to remember!”

In fact, let’s take it back to where the complete Maria Healy story started. How did you get into music and what did you do to make sure it would grow out to be more than just a hobby?
Maria: ”I got into music when I was a teenager, maybe a little younger. I started off loving Progressive Trance, Trance and Hard-House. All my friends said if I don’t stop listening to it, I will get sick of it. How wrong were they?! I got my decks when I was 15 and I used to spend my wages on buying vinyl every week. At this point I was working in the local supermarket. A few years on, I practiced and practiced. I was addicted to trance, finding new music, and clubbing. I loved it! I went to Ibiza in 2008 for a season and at that point when I came back, I was like, ok next year I want to play over there. I got my first gig in May 2009 at a local club and I went back to Ibiza in 2009 for another season. From then, I tried to get more gigs pushing for my name etc. I don’t remember exactly what happened to turn it into a profession, as such. I just keep my head down, I try to get as much gigs, and tracks out as possible. I have my own radio show Magnetic + HeavensGate which is a great platform for me to promote my music. I am still building up a social media following which I think today is pretty essential. I love it, it’s my passion and it’s what I do!”

What was your first signing and how did it grow from there?
Maria: ”My first track was a tech trancer ‘Badush’, which was signed to Detox records which is a Dutch label. Mark Sherry supported me and really pushed for Detox to sign it. It got some really cool support. Next, was a track called ‘The Playroom’, which Bryan Kearney signed to his ‘Kearnage’ label, also followed by an EP on Nu-Depth Records. Fast forward to now, it’s great to be involved with labels such as Subculture, Blackhole, and of course Pure Trance!”

Have you’ve always had this thing for trance music, or do you occasionally also step away and explore other genres?
Maria: ”I am pure obsessed with Trance, I am not going to lie! I am not narrow-minded, I do enjoy other genres to listen to, but I wouldn’t stray away too much. I love a bit of techno, tech house, and progressive.“

From what we know, you’re quite a passionate trance fan yourself. Next to DJ’ing, do you also still go out to trance parties yourself?
Maria: ”Oh I do enjoy a party still. I was Luminosity Beach festival the week before last! It was amazing. I think when I am DJ’ing that I am a clubber on the decks. I have just as much fun!”

We’ve got a feeling you’re right at home at Pure Trance! What, do you think, makes the trance scene as good as it is? And what are some of the things that still need changing?

Maria: ”Oh thank you for the hospitality! I think the DJ’s, music, and the fans make it what it is. Trance has the best fans in the world! They are so passionate about the music compared to other genres. I think a few attitudes could do with some changing. A lot of people bash the scene. It could be a lot more positive and people should help each other as opposed to being in competition with each other. There are a lot of keyboard warriors out there, but I don’t think it’s going to go away, so it is what it is!”

Obviously, one of the things the trance scene needs is more ladies behind the decks! Unfortunately, female DJ’s and producers are still a rarity these days, especially in trance music. Why is it, that in such an emotional genre, we can’t find more talented girls like you?
Maria: ”I am not sure why there are not more ladies on the scene. I don’t have the answer to that and it’s something I always get asked too. I guess, it’s a male dominated scene and perhaps the ladies feel a bit intimidated. Well of course I am not intimidated, but it could be a reason. It would be great to see more ladies come through the trance scene!”

Either way, we’re very lucky to have you! Now, with summer in full flow, we can’t wait to see you play ‘The Story’ out. Where can we catch you play in these next few weeks?
Maria: ”I am away to Germany for Nature One festival August 6th. I then go to Ibiza for Connect / Universal Nation @Es Paradis, August 10th. This is then followed by another trip to Ibiza in September for a few of the HeavensGate events. Towards the end of September I make my debut in LA, so I am really looking forward to the next few weeks/months.”

With some massive releases locked into your discography now, the bar’s set even higher. What more can we expect to hear from you, production-wise, in 2016?
Maria: ”I am currently working on a new vocal track, which is around 70% completed so keep your ears peeled for that. Lots of new music is underway!”

Thanks for the interview, Maria, and see you soon!

Grab ‘The Story’ on iTunes, Beatport or stream it here!