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With someone like Solarstone in charge with such a huge and important mission, I can relax and put my doubts to rest, since he is not alone. Lots of other Djs and producers are a part of this project! Endorsing Finnish born, Tapio aka Dj Orkidea as an artist that “he totally understands what Trance music is all about” and being his “logical choice for this first ‘Pure Trance’ album” that makes me believe that this is “Pure Trance volume 1″ and there is going to be a long series of them in the future. I hope I am right 🙂


1. In my personal point of view, Pure Trance is a highly debatable subject, therefore, how much of its expression, feelings and content did you sum with the release of this compilation album ?


Solarstone: I believe that the album covers the Pure Trance sound pretty well. You have to remember that before I started this movement, there was no “Pure Trance” at all, the scene was fractured and beginning to implode upon itself, so the whole thing has grown organically and naturally. “Pure Trance” is not a particular sound or a BPM – it is an essence, a spirit that the music conveys. It’s impossible to pin it down exactly, but if you fell in love with Trance music at some point and now feel disenfranchised from the genre, then you probably understand what I mean by that when you hear what I call “Pure Trance”. The whole thing is a positive movement. There is room within the scene for all kinds of trance music – but this is the one that I love and want to produce, promote and protect.


2. “I love his pure classic trance sound, it is truly beautiful, and he is such a talent”


Solarstone: Tapio completely understands where I am coming from musically, and he totally understands what Trance music is all about. The combination of what he plays and what I play completely covers the entire spectrum of what “Pure Trance” music is about. He is also a brilliant Dj and understands how to work a room. He was the logical choice for this first “Pure Trance” album.


3. You and Tapio have several tracks already released, so I am sure you guys have a formula when you go in the studio, so you already know where each other is at. How is it different working with Tapio ?


Solarstone: I don’t know about a formula, but what has happened so far is that I come up with a simple, melodic demo, send it to Tapio, and then prepares a simple audio template in his studio. When I come over to Helsinki we produce it together. What makes him so different to other people I have worked with is that I am completely happy to sit back and let him handle the controls – usually I am in the driving seat of the production, but often when we are working together I don’t even need to say ‘try this’ – because Tapio is already trying it! It is such a cool way of working.


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