Music. Label. Events. Art. Movement. Solarstone’s Pure Trance movement has had a huge influence on the global Trance scene. Pure Trance NEON focuses on the adrenaline-fueled, higher-octane side of the Pure Trance sound. If you Like It Pure, you will love this.


The first release on Pure Trance NEON is one that knowledgeable listeners will remember. The Adventures Of… was originally released on Platipus back in 2001; its oboe-introduced, gated synth and orchestral atmospheric capturing the essence of what made trance great back then. That Original version is included of course, but now for a new audience the legend that is Scott Bond has partnered up with Charlie Walker for one of their inimitable ‘Reboots’. Thundering along at 138bpm with penetrating bursts of acid and harnessing then twisting and reinterpreting all the elements that make this record so special, this one has been soundly slammed right out of the park. Check out our debut release right here