At this year’s ADE something very special was born. On October 18th, at the height of Amsterdam’s annual EDM takeover, dance pioneer Solarstone showcased his new audio axiom. A roots return for the genre,  a rally against inorganic and trend-driven Trance, this is a rediscovery of what drew so many to the genre’s flame. The reclamation has started: the code word is “Pure Trance“.


In the packed-to-the-rafters floating venue Undercurrent – where anticipation was sky-high – those lucky enough to have a begged, borrowed or bought a ticket were among the first to experience “Solarstone presents Pure Trance”. That night, alongside fellow forerunners Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi and John 00 Fleming, Solarstone encapsulated his vision in a competition defying, wall to wall live event that revised Trance to its purest degree.


The crowd hoped it would be so – and subsequently the sheer relief and joy of the assembled masses upon confirmation that “Pure Trance” is indeed the genuine article – the embodiment of the original Trance spirit – created an intensity which was clear & palpable and the first to hear “ Pure Trance ” frontman Solarstone debut exclusive material from the first instalment of his new ‘Solarstone presents Pure Trance’ compilation series, which hits stores worldwide on 19.11.12 (2 CD / DD ).


For those who couldn’t be there, Solarstone has now joined forces with Afterhours.FM to give all of his fans the opportunity to relive every second of that night in Amsterdam. On Thursday, November 29th, Afterhours.FM will present an exclusive 8 hour broadcast between 16.00 – 00.00 hr CET  featuring all live sets from the ‘ Solarstone presents Pure Trance’  launch party at ADE this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to check out a full eight hours of propellant beats, tremor-inducing LFOs, iridescent melodies, sky-bound synths and heartfelt vocals delivered by Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi and John 00 Fleming, all of it overseen by Solarstone.


To put it in Solarstone‘s own words: “This is what got you into Trance in the first place“.


Afterhours.FM presents….

Solarstone presents Pure Trance LIVE @ Amsterdam Dance Event

With live sets from Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Orkidea, Daniel Kandi & John ‘00’ Fleming

Date: Thursday November 29th   2012

Time: 16.00 – 00.00 hr CET

Listen via: