01. Pure Trance stands for the return to the essence of trance music, away from the overcommercialized sounds of today. To what extent can you relate to this concept in your own DJ / live sets? MC: Well, to me its all about the feeling. I don’t really care if it’s commercial or not, or what the genre is, if the feeling is right. But often more commerciality means less time to develop the atmosphere. In my sets I try to take the time that is needed to build the emotion.


02. When you produce new music, how would you say you work in terms of the purity of theĀ  sound compared to modern day trends in producing? MC: For me making a good track is not a question of purity. Usually its more interesting when you create something that doesn’t purely resemble any existing genre.


03. How do you feel about being part of the line up of Solarstone pres. Pure Trance?
MC: It’s really an honor to be invited in this fantastic line up.


04. Previous Pure Trance nights have all proven to be highly successful. What memorable performance of yourself at what event would you like to share with us? MC: WinterFresh festival in Los Angeles 2011 was a memorial event. Amazing warm welcome from my fans for my debute in US.


05. To the people who are coming to the Luminosity invites Solarstone pres. Pure Trance on June 15th: any nice words?
Let’s make it a really positive and open minded place together!