Hey Rich! We’re quickly approaching the 200th episode of your very own Pure Trance Radio! How do you reflect upon the past 4 years and how did the radio show evolve throughout them?

Yes, it’s almost here! I’ve always loved the radio show, meeting fans at shows and hearing things like ‘it makes my work day bearable’ and ‘my friends and I gather at my place each week and listen on what we can ‘Pure Trance Day’. The show hasn’t changed much, I settled on a format I was happy with many years ago – in fact you can go all the way back to Deep Blue Radio (the first incarnation of the show) and hear that the format is pretty much the same, it’s simply me collecting together my favorites of that week’s new tracks and presenting them to people who like the same music as me, it’s that simple.

As you can imagine, some music fans have discovered trance music via the radio show. What was that like for you – how has radio influenced you in your music career?

Stripped to the bones it keeps me in touch with what artists are producing. Something interesting is that many tracks work great on the radio but sound crap in the club, and vice versa, some tracks are a bit long or alternatively uneventful for the show, but are perfect for the clubs. You can tell if a producer is an actual club DJ from the way some tracks are produced / mastered.

Which shows do you like to listen to yourself – if there’s time?

Gosh, I literally don’t have the time actually. When I do listen to music on the radio its usually BBC Radio 6 Music, all different genres and style, that’s where I find some of the more unusual music I play on PTR.

With more and more sets and shows being made available online through Soundcloud, Mixcloud and YouTube, how important is it to keep live radio alive?

That’s debatable, I think if the show includes time-sensitive information such as release dates, tour schedules and competitions then ‘live radio’ is important. Also, people like to fit radio around their daily schedule, for example I always listen to BBC Radio 4 in the morning with my coffee, I just switch on the radio and there it is. As I mentioned previously it’s good to plan an ‘event’ – such as a ‘listening party’ around live radio. If the show is not ‘live’ then you already know what is going to be played, which takes some of the fun out of it.

It must be quite a bit of work to create it each week – what are the biggest challenges you’re facing?

Yes, it is. If I’m tired or on a tight deadline with a track or have a late flight back it can seem like a big job – it’s half a day’s work to go through promos, demos, sketch out a playlist, mix it, record the voice-over, make the artwork, make the movie version for Youtube etc. (I do all that stuff myself) – but once I get into it, it’s fine. Sometimes I deliver the show very late – Wednesday afternoon – which is frustrating for everyone else involved – Suzanne needs to send the show to the syndication network, Dani and Paula need to let fans know what’s coming up. Sometimes it’s literally impossible to get it done, we had a power outage where I live the other week so I couldn’t upload the show at all. But usually it’s fine. Sometimes the amount of great progressive tracks is so overwhelming that I make a progressive special, only very occasionally can the same be said for the Uplifting stuff.

A 5 hour LIVE broadcast is something very different…are you nervous yet? And how are you preparing?

No, not nervous, actually my team are doing most of the preparation, we had an initial Skype meeting where we discussed a rough format and plan, then they took over. Partly it’s been a matter of inviting guests, reaching out to fans, working on the technical stuff, arranging places for people to stay and stuff like that. Personally I need to think about what I’m going to play, but that has to wait until nearer the time, so that the music is fresh!

What can the VIP guests (the fans) expect when they’re invited into the studio?

To be part of something special, something of a ‘family event’ – but not one where everyone falls out and someone’s weird uncle upsets everyone J The Episode 100 show was great fun, we were just all hanging out together, enjoying the music and messing about having fun.

And what about those tuning in? Do they need a new rave-chair once those 5 hours are over?

I couldn’t possibly say… but I do hope there will be some packed living rooms and lots of party poppers.

Pure Trance Radio is connected to the label and the events – what will the future bring?

More great music & more brilliant events. We’ll just keep spreading the word that people should be proud of what makes them feel good and know their own mind.

So, Pure Trance Radio 1000 one day – deal?

Of course – unless I die first, and don’t get the chance to prerecord it.

More info on Pure Trance Radio 200 here.