WMC 2014

His latest track ‘The Alignment’ found its home on Pure Trance soil and received a very warm welcome by its followers. An exceptional production, made by the mastermind that is Jussi Paasonen, guising under the Simon Templar moniker. To make sure you know all about this talented Finnish producer/DJ, we hooked up with the man himself for a short interview. Enjoy!
Hey Jussi! How are you doing?
ST:”Just fine thank you for asking :)”

For those that don’t know you yet (do they even exist?), what should they know Simon Templar of?
ST:”Hah!! Well, the world is still a pretty big place to get everybody to know you. Simon Templar is a producer who constantly moves both sides from bright to dark side in the Trance world. I love electronic music way too much to stick just one style, also it gives me more freedom to move and produce different sounds.”

Congrats on signing ‘The Alignment’ to Pure Trance! Were you aiming for a release on PT, considering you’ve already had some releases with Winkee?
ST:” Thank you and I feel honored to be part of this beautiful concept of Solarstone’s Pure Trance label & movement!! When I was composing ‘The Alignment’ and the melody finally took its place it was quite obvious that this one would work perfectly to Pure Trance label. And yes, I always want to find the best possible home to my music and people around who I can trust and respect.”

How did the track come into being? What’s the thought behind it?
ST:” Like my earlier tracks ‘Meltwater’, ‘To The Stars’ and ‘Phenomenal’ there were very strong emotions involved. For me what works the best is when I am in this kind of state. It could be happiness, joy, euphoria or sadness ,sorrow or desperation but it must be strong. Perhaps that’s the key to the unique sound of Simon Templar ;).”

What makes it as good as it is, in your opinion?
ST:” I believe that when you do something and it comes straight from your heart and soul at the end people will sense that and that could be the case here.”

Any more Simon Templar releases in line for this year? What’s ahead for you the coming months?
ST:” Right now I’m working with ‘Meltwater (Part III)’ which I will deliver to Rich, Solarstone, in proper time soon . There is also a couple of few special tracks in the making and with Winkee we are working with the first whole album. At the end I want to give my warm and most kindness regards to all the people that has supported me all these years (My family, friends, fans and for special thanks goes to Rich Solarstone Mowatt for his kindness and for all the releases he has signed with me :)!”

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