Hi Sonia! Thanks for doing a Pure Trance interview with us. Let’s start with a little introduction!

Hi everyone! I’m Sonia, I live in North Wales with my husband Ben and my three children. I’m on the wrong side of my 30’s and should’ve really grown up by now, but I’m still waiting…… I work for the government training attack dogs which is a really exciting career but if I tell you anymore about it, I’ll have to kill you hahaha!

We’ve come to know you as one of the most dedicated Pure Trance fans, an ambassador of the Pure movement. So let’s start at the beginning. When did your love for trance music come to life?

Trance music in all of its forms has always been a big part of my life, for me there’s no other genre of music that even comes close. I think it’s because the melodies ,the tempo and euphoric elements have such a big effect on my emotions. I was lucky enough to have spent my teenage years in the late 90’s and as we all know Trance music had become huge! It was certainly a massive part of my life. I became obsessed with identifying tracks from DJ sets and making my own mix tapes. There were so many good records out at that time but the ones that have really stayed with me are tracks like; Delirium – Silence, Greece 2000 – Three Drives, Sasha – Xpander, Solarstone – The Calling, Helio Tropic – Walk with me, Lustral – Everytime and due to my “over healthy” obsession with BT… definitely Flaming June! 🙂

I used to listen to Pete Tong’s Essential Selection every Friday night without fail! I would try my best to record the show without the voiceover, which I never mastered! And I’d play it on repeat for the rest of the week on my Walkman, the one which had the really fashionable hip clip!

When did you first discover Pure Trance and/or Solarstone? And what exactly attracts you to the sound and movement so much?

I’ve known Solarstone’s Music since I first started following Trance in the late 90’s, and I’ve always been a big fan of his sound. After the late 90’s I had to grow up a little and try this adulting thing so the music, although always there, took a bit of a back seat. I met my other half Ben in 2008 and one of the things I loved about him was his love for Trance music. Ben had been crazy about Trance since his teenage years and he had spent many years mastering the decks so when we got together this mutual passion for music continued. We first started listening to Pure Trance in 2015 when the weekly radio broadcast started, through listening to the weekly show and buying the albums we’ve discovered so much amazing music and so many fantastic artists. Apart from the man himself some of my favourite artists on the label are Gai Barone and Orkidea.

The main reason I like it Pure is the variety of music on the label, it isn’t stuck in a genre rut – a certain BPM, a certain structure etc. Trance has many forms and means different things to different people, I think Rich and Paula have done a fantastic job in reflecting this in the sort of music and artists that they sign to the label which makes Pure unique in my eyes.

How does your love for trance music translate to your daily life?

There isn’t a day that goes by without trance music having some sort of input hahaha! I’ve often thought that I would be deaf by the time I’m 40! Although worryingly I do notice the volume increasing a little each year…  It’s basically part of everything I do! Most people who know me see me with my headphones permanently attached to my head or the sound system in the house on full volume and it goes without saying that I am also one of those wankers you see at the traffic lights with their music booming out of the car! My passion for Trance has also rubbed off on my youngest daughter Holly, she’s 10 now and has already started spinning the decks! She often asks for certain tracks to be played and it makes me laugh when I hear her singing things like BT’s ‘Love comes again’!

We noticed you also like to spend time in the studio, producing and dj’ing. Do you have the ambition to become a music professional yourself, or is it mostly fun? Can we expect a Pure Trance release anytime soon?

Have you been stalking me! Yeah, I have a studio at home and often piss the neighbours off with what they describe as ‘Noise’… I love to DJ too – Ben taught me when we first got together and I’ve been doing it for the last 12 years. About 5 years ago Ben started producing music under his name STOBY, some of you may have heard his latest release on the PT8 album last year which as you can imagine we were a little excited about!

I was his sounding board during projects but only verbally used to chuck ideas in the pot until PTR200…. Wow what an experience! I was so lucky to have been invited along and I was literally bursting with excitement. It was the highlight of my year! I met loads of really nice people who have remained my friends and who I’ve met with at the many Pure events we’ve been to since.

One of the discussion topics at PTR200 was ‘Women in Trance’ which really grabbed my attention! The show inspired me and made me realize that I had all the tools and the experience that I needed to produce myself. I also met Suzanne Chesterton who did an amazing job of producing the show!

Following PTR200 I spent the day in the studio with Siskin (Suzanne Chesterton and Sue McLauren) working on one of their most recent tracks which was premiered by Rich at ASOT 950 – awesome tune and a complete ear worm! Since PTR200 I’ve taken to Ableton like a duck to water and have been producing some really nice tracks. I have stayed in contact with Suzanne and Sue and they’ve both been really supportive – really lovely people! My music production will always be for fun but it would be amazing to get some tracks signed one day 🙂

What’s the most dedicated thing you ever did for Pure Trance? The Pure tattoo is incredible – thanks so much for doing something so dedicated! Have people said you were crazy for doing it?

I had such a great time at PTR200 that I decided to remember it forever by getting the Pure logo tattoo on my right arm! I wasn’t pissed and it wasn’t against my will hahaha! I love it…. It has attracted a lot of attention from people who often ask what it means which has given me the opportunity to tell people about Pure… Apart from that – Does going to the Ministry of Sound gig in a leg brace and on crutches count??

It sure does! 🙂 So we try to keep our events intimate and positive – no matter where in the world we’re hosting them. What do you think makes Pure events stand out, compared to other events you’ve been to? Which of our events was your favourite so far?

It goes without saying that PTR200 was my favourite but a close second has to be the Pure event at Ministry of Sound in London – Tunes! And the highlight of the evening was seeing Gavin Russell cry when he heard Sky!!

Can’t do without asking – which one’s your favourite Pure Trance release ever?

I was asked this on air at PTR200 and have never lived my answer down due to Rich’s dirty mind! So I won’t go into it again but my absolute favourite is ‘Elf Song – Crenshinibon’!

If there’s one thing you could say to the worldwide trance community, what would that be?

Having read my essay above I’m clearly no good at just saying one thing….. However…. Keep on Keeping it Pure people and keep the Trance Alive!

Thanks so much, Sonia, and keep it Pure! ☺