In what way do you identify yourself with Pure Trance?
Lostly: “I appreciate the fact that the label stands for real talent in the industry. This opens up the genre to those who put in the work and not just pay other producers to make them successful. Pure Trance is backing ideas and exploring sounds within the Trance scene.”

How would you define Pure Trance – and what does it mean to you as an artist?
Lostly: “It’s anything that comes from oneself. It’s not necessarily a sound, but it’s the meaning behind it. It’s being true to my emotions and creating that.”

At one point, Rich popped the question and asked you to create a mix for the album – what was the first thought going through your mind?
Lostly: “F*ck yes!”

Why do you think Rich picked you as the fellow-mixer for PT7?
Lostly: “I think he liked the fact that I play mainly my own music at shows, and the mixture I bring in breakdowns and energy in my songs. He also mentioned that I was very “pünktlich” (punctual) which helped when delivering the goods on time! ;)”

What turned out to be the biggest challenge in creating the mix?
Lostly: “Most of the songs on this mix were created purely for this album. I wanted to give the mix a different approach, which was to try and collaborate with as many artists as possible, and this in itself was quite challenging. It’s easier to just do solo work of course, as you know which direction you want to go from the start.

The next thing was finding good music. As harsh as it sounds I am extremely picky when it comes to music.”

Was it hard to make a track selection? Did anything not make the cut?
Lostly: “There were quite a lot of songs which didn’t end up making it, including some originals from myself.”

You’ve seen the Pure Trance movement develop and grow. What do you think is the power behind it?
Lostly: “A dedicated team, with a lot of stamina and love for what they do, and of course the fans you see all over the world.”

What do you hope listeners will experience once they’ve pressed play on your PT7 mix?
Lostly: “I went through a lot of emotions creating the songs, and putting the mix together. I just hope they can experience all of them, and that my story gets across.”

Discover Lostly’s mix as part of the Pure Trance Volume 7 compilation here.