“Pure Trance is a feeling, a passion which exists outside of contemporary musical fads and fashions. It is the bringing together of millions of fans for whom this music is a way of life.” – Solarstone


Trance has evolved into various type of sub-genres and that many have speculated the genre has lost its aura. This is the reason why the album ‘Pure Trance‘ came about. And who better to bring us back than the trance legend himself Solarstone along with Orkidea. This 2 Disc album is the 100th album released by Black Hole Recordings.


Disc 1 – Mixed By Solarstone


Solarstone begins our journey with the Pure Intro mix of “The Spell”. The melodic track taken for his Pure‘ album features the sultry vocals of Clare Stagg and the melodic beats and rhythms of the trance legend. This is followed by Almar’s “Evening Star”, an uplifting track filled with beats that would surely ease your soul. Then comes in the typical Solarstone melodic riff and acoustic guitar courtesy of his mix of “We Can’t Fly” by Lemon. He slowed things down with “Split Source” by Ehren Stowers before bringing the beats up with “Euphonia” by Kyau & Albert and Ronski Speed in the Ronski Speed Mix and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s “Earthbeat”. Just close your eyes and let these tracks take you on a journey filled with operatic melodies and beats.


Solarstone continues with the vocal track “Days Turn Into Nights” by Delerium adding his pure signature to an already classic trance track before bringing in one of the best tracks of 2012 in “Falcons”, a track he collaborated with Ottaviani filled with melodic beats and haunting female chant. He transitions to the goosebumps inducing melodic track “Hopeful” by A.R.D.I. before bringing in Omnia’s “Infina”, a track that is surely going to get you pump on the dance floor. He brings us back down a notch with the melodic “Ari” by C-Systems & Bushi in the Suncatcher Remix. This haunting vocal is surrounded by melodic beats and piano keys that would surely ease your mind and soul.


The pulsating melodies of the Thomas Datt remix of his track “Voyager” follows before he mixed in the melodic piano-filled track “In Her Eyes” by Temple One. This track symbolizes what trance is about – pure and emotional. He continues this with Rex Mundi’s “Streaming Waterfalls” and Mark Pledger’s “A New World” before bringing in the pure mix of the vocal track “Sail On The Waves” by Walsh & McAuley, a track filled with melodic beats that complements well with the great voice of David Berkeley. Solarstone closes the disc with his classic track “Seven Cities” in the Pure Mix. This track surely symbolized trance and would be played in many years to come.



Disc 2 – Mixed By Orkidea


Orkidea starts Disc 2 with the Pure Mix of his track “Unity”, a melody-filled tuned with lovely synths and haunting chopped vocals. Increasing the beats but keeping the melody, he brings in “Sun Down” in the Michael Cassette Remix before bringing in the melodic synth-filled tracks in Kay-D’s “Avalanche” and Lowland’s acoustic-filled “Cheap Shrink”.


Orkidea follows this with the Simon Templar Remix of “Whisper” by Winkee, a track filled with psy-trance melodies and beats. Next up is the lovely and haunting Allende Remix of “Secret” by Way Out West then followed by the lovely beats and rhythms in “Valssi” by Slusnik Luna, “Sulfur” by Nicholas Bennison and the Datt Remix of “Vueltas” by Steve Brian.


Orkidea changes things a bit with Protoculture’s “Perpetual Motion”, increasing the beats and adding more bass and melodies. Then he brings in his amazing remix of the classic “Southern Sun” by Paul Oakenfold. He continues with Future Disciple’s “No Man’s Land” which got a little Balearic sound surrounded by lovely percussion beats and a massive drop that would surely satisfy one’s senses. He then continues with the melodramatic rhythms of the Mindwave Remix of “Autumn Lights” by Vibrasphere before ending the compilation with the melodic remix of his “Unity” by Solarstone.



With seamless transitions and superb tracks, Pure Trance – The Album‘ would surely satisfy trance lovers out there. 10/10


SOURCE: http://trancehub.com/reviews/albums/solarstone-presents-pure-trance-the-album/