An artist should only consider an album when they are truly ready. This talented Russian has an admirable discography dating from 2013 on respected labels such as Macarize, Forescape, Spring tube, Joof, Colorize, Intricate, Perfecto and of course Pure Progressive. Now, after having finely honed and tuned his sound, style and sonic signature over the course of those years; we proudly present the debut album from DJ, producer & sound designer Alexandr Smirnov aka Slam Duck.

‘Different Together’ is an electronic album that is a genuine ‘coffee-table’ record, an album that should become a go-to selection for those post-club or Sunday afternoon moments where you need something whole, something complete – something that creates a mood, draws you in and holds you to the final fade.

Comprised of 13 tracks (unlucky for some but in this case – a charm) this is one such journey. From blissed out soundscapes to deep progressive grooves, haunting melodies with poignant touches to driving textured percussive grooves and rousing moments, ‘Different Together’ is a sophisticated album for the discerning listener. Immerse.


01. Contrails
02. Midnight Drive
03. Lagoon
04. Towards the Blue
05. Calm Rivers
06. Stargazing
07. Rush
08. Despair
09. Face & Embrace
10. Transition
11. The Joy of Life
12. Every Day
13. Hypnotic Beach

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