Hey Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to reply to our interview! How are you doing? And what’s going on in the world of Sneijder?
Andrew:” Hi, I am currently in the studio getting music ready for 2 weeks touring in Malaysia and Australia. Busy sorting release schedules for Afterdark. I always leave everything too the last moment before heading on tour, so I’m rushing around.”

We’ve got two major landmarks coming up: your set at the Pure Trance ADE Special in Amsterdam + the release of the Pure Trance Vol.5 album which includes your mix! What was the first thing on your mind when Rich asked you to mix one of its 3 CD’s?
Andrew:”I feel really privileged and proud to be asked by Rich to feature on the compilation. I have been friends with Rich for some time now and respect him a lot as a person and share his views on Trance and how it should sound. We both feel very strongly about the genre and are often outspoken about the direction it takes, but always with good intentions. So to be asked by Rich is a great opportunity for me to showcase my sound to his huge Pure Trance following who I feel are very passionate and know their music.”

It’s not your first time mixing a compilation, but still…what are some of the things you’ve struggled with?
Andrew:”It’s always leaving out tracks that you wish you could include, either because of licensing issues or just because they generally don’t suit the flow of the mix. I was lucky to have an abundance of amazing music at my disposal for this compilation, which made it even more difficult, haha.”

What was the process of mixing like? Did it take you a few times to create the perfect one – and when did you know it was time to let it go?
Andrew:”I am actually pretty fast at making mixes. My mix took me around 3 days to finish. I was gathering tracks and building my mix mentally for months before that though, selecting tracks which I felt would suit the flow I was trying to create.”

Were there any tracks that definitely needed to be on there?
Andrew:”Yes, Some amazing new remixes from my album, by Shugz and Ucast. Also a new single from myself ‘Without You Here’ which I made specifically for the CD.”

Now that it’s almost time for the album to be released, what are you hoping that listeners will experience?
Andrew:”A true reflection of my sound I hope. I love all types of trance and I think my disc showcases this. I am very fussy also about creating a nice flow and journey and not just adding 20 bangers in there. So I hope this shines through.”

How did you make sure to capture that ‘Pure Trance’ feeling?
Andrew:”Just by staying true to my sound and instincts. I feel Rich selected me as he likes my sound and feels it suits the Pure Trance vibe, as do I. I always focus on melodies and well produced cutting edge music.”

You’re sharing Volume 5 with Forerunners and Solarstone – how do you look up to these guys?
Andrew:”I haven’t heard much from Forerunners if I’m honest to date, but after listening to some of his material recently I’m very impressed. As for Rich, he has been a massive influence on me for years, he is a true trance legend. So to be featured alongside these guys is a real honor.”

Now, on to our night in Amsterdam! Will you be joining in on some of the ADE events and conference?
Andrew:”Not this year. I’m currently doing lots of work to my home and under pressure to get the outside work done before winter sets in. This year I will just be there for Pure Trance.”

We’re honored to have you part of our ADE Special line-up. Got anything special planned for your set? Any exclusives?
Andrew:”I actually have 3 new exclusives which I will be playing for sure. Excited to see how they go down in the club as always.”

Last but not least – which Sneijder originals or remixes can we expect to be hearing in the remaining months of 2016?
Andrew:”I have ‘Without You Here’ which is featured on my disc, as well as 3 more new tracks coming soon. I also have a new vocal track which is in the final stages of production. Please keep an eye on my socials for release updates.”

You can pre-order Pure Trance Volume 5 here!