This album truly provides everything. There is only one word to describe this album: inspiring ‘


Within the past year, trance has taken a turn for the housy. A new generation of Trouse has begun to take shape and it seems to be the way many traditional Trance DJs going. While there may be some who have turned their back on the traditional sounds of trance, some have tried and succeeded at providing “Pure Trance.” At the helm of this movement is Solarstone. Solarstone’s Pure Trance concept is the idea that returns trance to its roots. He wants to provide fans with what they originally fell in love with. Most recently, Trance fans were treated to Solarstone & Orkidea present Pure Trance Vol. 1. Before I dive into the review, in my opinion, this compilation is my comp of the year. Since it came out last month, I have had it on repeat.


From the moment you hit play on the first disc (mixed by Solarstone), you are immediately transported to a world of pure trance. Your heart will start racing and you will be pushed along by the hypnotic sounds provided by Captain Pure Trance. By naming the album Pure Trance, Solarstone has not only nailed the concept and the idea, but he has also managed to provide listeners with hair-raising, euphoric trance music. I challenge you to listen to both discs and not want to sing out loud or dance uncontrollably. For me, every time I hear We Can’t Fly, I find myself singing out loud with my eyes closed. What this album does so well is that it is able to change anybody’s mood almost instantly. Whether you are having a bad day or just feeling down, this album will definitely raise your spirits. Trance, for most, is euphoric, uplifting music that evokes intense emotions. I recommend that for any of you who know haters of trance show them this album. I guarantee they will enjoy it. My friend, who is a dubstep lover to the heart, absolutely loved this album.


What I find interesting is that in this compilation, Solarstone & Orkidea show the entire spectrum of trance music. In Disc 1, Solarstone provides listeners with the traditional uplifting trance, while in disc 2, Orkidea slows the tempo down to display the more progressive side of trance. Each disc is unique. While I may have enjoyed Disc 1 more than Disc 2, both mixes were incredible. Both mixes flow incredibly well and at times you don’t even hear the transition between tracks. In my opinion, this is a must have album for any fan of trance. Whether you like the fast-paced, uptempo sounds of Solarstone or the progressive sounds of Orkidea, this album truly provides everything. I give this album a 5/5. There is only one word to describe this album: inspiring.


Recommend songs: Every song!


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