Solarstone’s Pure Trance movement has helped redefine the trance landscape since it’s inception in 2012. Pure Trance Progressive is it’s newest extension – focusing on promoting the resurging deeper, slower side of the Pure Trance sound.

PTP003. UK producer Jamie Baggotts’ heart lies firmly with the pure progressive trance sound that made album series’ such as Global Underground & Northern Exposure so popular with a generation of music lovers. There is a resurgence taking place of a modern and forward-thinking incarnation of that sound, and it is being embraced by a new generation of clubbers. Pure Trance Progressive has it’s finger firmly on the their pulse, and we are following up our previous release from Forerunners with this double-A side package from Jamie. The understated Eden makes its case very quickly, immersive and hypnotic synths pull the listeners in and then keep them locked for an intense 8.45 workout. Second up is the extended mix of New Wave taken from Gai Barone’s critically applauded Disc One of Pure Trance Vol. 4. A more forceful production here; again weaving hypnotic sequenced textures – but within a darker and intensified mainframe. Exploding after a haunting breakdown, this is one for serious floors.


01. Jamie Baggotts – New Wave
02. Jamie Baggotts – Eden
Release date: 15.2.2016