3 more extended cuts from Disc 1 of Pure Trance Vol. 5 in all their glory. Solarstone & Forerunners collaborated on Dying Star, something which fans of Solarstone’s Subterranean Mix series will doubtless enjoy; smooth pads and subtle melodies which ebb and flow underpin this sonic soundscape while Forerunners creates the journey with his unique and fascinating production. Toronto’s Biologik presents Grey Skies, an 808 percussion sets the pace and a grinding, punishing bassline sets the tone for this intense trip into the bowels of deep trance machinery. Marcin Przybylski’s surname is a challenge to pronounce and his music also challenges genre cliché’s and stereotypes; Werther Effect – a synonym for media induced imitation effects of suicidal behaviour – is something refreshingly different, with curious vocal FX, bass tones straight out of Detroit and an unexpectedly beautiful haunting breakdown.

01. Solarstone & Forerunners – Breakaway Dying Star
02. Biologik – Grey Skies
03. Marcin Przybylski – Werther Effect
Release date: 30.01.2017