Solarstone’s Pure Trance movement has redefined the landscape of the trance scene since its conception in 2012; fueled by Solarstone’s own groundbreaking ‘Pure Mixes’, critically acclaimed compilation album series and sell-out worldwide Pure Trance Events. This is his record label devoted to the sound of Pure Trance. The debut release on the Pure Trance label is a prime cut from Solarstone’s ‘Pure Trance 2’ compilation and has already featured on ASOT637. ‘Howl At The Moon’ is a multi-national co-production by the 3 Driftmoon members hailing from Slovenia, Scotland & Finland. Solarstone’s ‘Retouch’ is an example of Pure Trance at it’s finest. The track sweeps through crescendo after crescendo, with layer upon layer of beautiful cascading melodies. Solarstone adds his signature to the track, polishing, crafting and perfecting the production, adding that extra of ‘Pure’ finery taking it up to the next level. If you Like It Pure, you’re going to love this.

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