There’s nothing purer than ‘Purity’ itself – something ably demonstrated by Orkidea’s first outing for Pure Trance Recordings!! ‘Purity’s already made quite the mix-comp mark, featuring on Solarstone’s third ‘Electronic Architecture’ and most recently on ‘Pure Trance 3’. Now, flanked by a triumvirate of Pure realm remixes, the track marshals for full release. The single also marks the first audio to be drawn from Orkidea’s upcoming 2015 album – the follow-up to the flying Fin’s enthusiastically received ‘20’ long-player. Co-mixer of the first ‘Pure Trance’ compilation, Orkidea is not only one of the movement’s firstborn, but also, notably, one of it’s own sources of inspiration. Cut from darkly pulsating sonic cloth, Orkidea’s Original version of ‘Purity’ goes a step further, astutely referencing some of his own heroes, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream among them. Throbbing LFO, sci-fi-esque synths, radio traffic FX, siren-song harmonies and latterly its enrapturing ‘My Spirit’ vocal all assemble around the propellant, industrious pulse of its beats and percussion. For the first of its remix interpretations, Sneijder let’s the bass off the leash, engaging 6am-&-beyond clubbers with knuckle-dusting beats, mod-wheel-momentum and enough 303 to blister any club’s paintwork!

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