Joe Garret a.k.a. Temple One has been beavering away at his own brand of emotional and driving trance music for some years now, and this latest piece is plucked from the tracklist of Pure Trance Vol. 4. In its original format the track is built around a lush string arrangement and a gorgeously infectious stabbing synth riff. Ordinarily that would be enough of a quality record to hit the stores, but this package also includes a breathtaking deep progressive trance remix from Slam Duck (who also featured on Pure Trance Disc 1 with Leaving Places). Slam’s remix is a masterclass in the deeper side of the Pure Trance sound, it’s something of a two-part production which ebbs and flows with real class and sophistication. The result? Two polished mixes, one solid release.


01. Temple One – Santiago (Extended Mix)
02. Temple One – Santiago (Slam Duck Remix)
Release date: 11.1.2016