#Progressive Selection:
Keaton Heston – Elevator Song (Ulrich Schnauss Remix remixed by Forerunners) [White Label]
Guy J – West On Mars [Bedrock]
Solid Stone – Watchmen (We Are One E.P) [Coldharbour]
RNX vs. Shingo Nakamura – Oregon (RNX Mix) [Silk Music]
Forerunners – Watercolour [Pure Progressive]

Its Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play… But We Like It Anyway:
Cirez D. – The Accuser [Mouseville]

Peter Steele – Phoenix [Pure Trance]
Roger Shah pres. LeiLani – Eternal Time (Uplifting Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]

Temple One – Reunited [Always Alive]

Cathy Burton – Reach Out To Me (Starpicker Remix) [White Label]
Ferry Tayle & Franco Ricobbaldi – Who Knew [Fables]

John O’Callaghan – Next Stop Muddy Waters [Subculture]
Joint Operations Centre – Pathalogical Effect [Kearnage]

Big Ben’s Final Chimes… for now.