Originally released on the now defunct DeepBlue label back in 2007, White Crytal is regarded by many as an overlooked classic. Rich Solarstone has commissioned brilliant new remixes from two of the scene’s hottest new acts. The Original has been lovingly re-mastered for 2015 and the bewitching lead melody is as addictive as ever, with a tougher low end and crisp high end, which can stand proudly alongside more contemporary productions. Both new mixes stick closely to the melodic composition of the original – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Allen & Envy’s remix is a to-the-point modern #138 shake-down, fans of the duo will be familiar with their clean and polished peak-time trance sound. Dreamy’s ‘Banging Mix’ is exactly that, extremely mixable and packed with adreneline-releasing keychanges, floor-smashing synthstabs and dramatic twists & turns. Huge.

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