Reeson is Slovenian producer Luka Loncaric & ‘Chords of Life’ was discovered by Solarstone via a random click on Soundcloud – proving that the website is indeed useful for the purpose for which it was originally designed! The Original Mix strides along at a lower, more progressive BPM, beautifully constructed around the subtlest of melodies, but it is clearly the Factor B Remix that is the main focus of this package. Famed for his huge ‘Sacrosanct’ release in 2015, Aussie producer Brendan Blatt really kicks out the jams with this full-thrusting acidically twittering, cavernously reverberating, sequencer-punishing powerhouse of a remix which takes the constituent parts of ‘Chords of Life’ and breathes a swell of euphoria into them. Immense.

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