Future Disciple aka Daniel James is one strange fish. Based in the Aussie wilderness but hailing from the UK, Dan’s musical genius is well known in the scene, but his musical output is sporadic – and that’s being generous. Every so often, though, a little gem of brilliance emerges from his studio and for that we need be thankful – and what a bloody gem ‘Adventure to the South’ is. Melodically it’s cinematic and ambitious; production-wise it’s chunky and perfectly executed in the trademark FD style. Ramping up the BPM the Robert Nickson Remix has been a fixture in Solarstone’s sets & a long sought ID for well over 6 months at the time of writing, and is an example of a perfect remix; one that remains faithful to the Original’s musical statement whilst firmly planting the remixer’s production stamp on the personality of the track. Glorious.

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