This EP exists for two reasons, firstly we wanted to showcase some exciting new talent in the trance world, and secondly these tracks didn’t make the final cut of Pure Trance 6 simply due to the amount of material sourced for the compilation! So first up is something from Norway’s Kjell Ove Kvendbø aka Ranger One with ‘Never Alone’, a rousing & uplifting 138bpm trance record with a fabulous poignant lead synth – no clever tricks or frills with this one, just pure unadulterated euphoric trance music. ‘The Sirius’ is Argentina’s Sergio Alejandro Albornoz, a man who has for years being one of the driving forces behind the local trance scene, even teaching a workshop for local producers in his home town of Cordoba. ‘Magonia’ powers along at 140bpm and bears the hallmarks of late 90’s trance but with modern production flourishes and a wicked Break beat –powered breakdown. Last (but definitely not least – one of these had to be third!!) is something from Japanese trance-troupe Dominant Space, an acidic arpeggio-boasting 138bpm power-trancer with a more-interesting-than-commonly-found arrangement – lots of interesting elements show their faces then make way for others to make an appearance and the breakdown is reminiscent of Factor B (in it’s length at least!) & when this track drops – it drops with style. 3 wicked tracks from 3 names to watch in 2018.

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