The debut release Resolution for Canadian David Gradwell appeared on Pure Progressive back in February. Subsequently its widescreen audio-imagery caused something of a stir in its Dolby Atmos incarnation at Ministry of Sound on their state-of-the-art Atmos sound system. Now, we’ve returned to Resolution’s stems and gleaned 3 new versions. Firstly, the 128bpm Club Mix from Gradwell himself. David has focused on the brilliant percussive elements and really stretched them out for the clubs; it’s an addictive groove that really explodes when the melodic elements are unleashed at the break. Leroy Moreno, fresh from remixes and releases for ASOT and Vandit delivers a glorious 136bpm uplifting trance mix, and finally Gordey Tsukanov returns to the Pure Trance camp with a 130bpm progressive trance workout, akin to his recent releases Opacity and Radiance. Solid.

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