With Kristina’s brilliant Pure Trance 7 Disc 1 we heard why she is regarded as a ‘DJ’s DJ’, having honed her skills in the USA as California’s primary resident and playing alongside some of the biggest names in the trance and progressive scene for plus 15 years. Her ability to read and rock a crowd is legendary amongst her peers and fans alike. Now we get to hear something fresh from Kristina on the production front, teaming up with good buddy Roger Shah for this deliciously simple slice of melodic trance. With a hook that latches itself firmly under the skin, we present two mixes of Ocean Flame; the Extended cut of the deeper version which rang out her PT7 Disc and a second, more driving and uplifting Uplifting Mix (even the title is simple and to-the-point!). Kristina is a name to watch in 2019, so let’s see out 2018 with something special from Cali’s first lady.

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