This is a truly beautiful record, a firm fan favourite from Pure Trance Vol. 7 & a track which even inspired its own range of ‘couples’ T-Shirts in the Pure Trance store! The magic ingredient here must be the heartfelt delivery of Megan’s softly spoken & sung vocal: “I love you, I wouldn’t change a thing”. Vadim’s production here is brilliantly original and organic-sounding, his use of layers is minimal; allowing the vocal space to shine. Along with his Original, Vadim provides a darker more tech-influenced version (in the truest sense of the word – we’re not talking ‘tech-trance’ here, it’s more house in nature actually). Solarstone has deconstructed then reassembled ‘Heart Connected for his own sets, stripping back the elements; giving the track a more Balearic feel in the process. The only actual ‘remix’ in this release comes from the prog-tastic Christian Monique, whose recent remixes on 3rd Avenue & Mystic Carousel piqued Solarstone’s interest enough for us to reach out for one of Christian’s and his warm & fuzzy re-visualizations.

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