A rare vocal trance release here, penned by Lostly, featured on his Disc 3 of Pure Trance 7 and beautifully vocalized by UK songstress Katherine Amy. First up, the Club Mix – this one doesn’t pull any punches; it’s full-on 138 peak-time trance yumminess with all the riff, bells & whistles you could wish for. The real star of this package is the Paul Sawyer remix, Paul, the man behind Krafted Music, reached out to us asking if he could put his progressive trance touch to ‘Forever With You’ – which is always a good place to start! His remix has that classic Perfecto feel to it, understated and a relaxed tempo, the vocal really shines here and Paul’s production is aimed squarely at the dance floor – which you’d expect from such a well-seasoned DJ who knows what works in a club. Don’t ‘miss.

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