Inspired by New York Times & Pulitzer Prize-wining author Ian Urbina’s best-selling book ‘The Outlaw Ocean’, ‘Existence’ was premiered by Solarstone at ASOT950 in February, and is taken from the 4-track ‘Frontier EP’, recently released as part of the multi-artist ‘Outlaw Ocean Music’ project, full information about which can be found via

About the music: The 4 tracks featured on the ‘Frontier EP’ were written by Richard Mowatt and David Harrison (aka Super-Frog Saves Tokyo) in an early-2020 10-day studio session. The first to be offered up in extended Club Mix format is ‘Existence’ – an exhilarating, dramatic & captivating pure trance ride featuring all the glean, polish & melodic intricacy synonymous with Solarstone’s productions.

About the book: “A riveting, terrifying, thrilling story of a netherworld that few people know about, and fewer will ever see… the soul of this book is as wild as the ocean itself.” (Susan Casey, best-selling author of The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean). Full information can be found via

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