The summer’s vocal anthem has arrived, crafted by Los Angeles’ leading lady Kristina Sky, the UK’s Danny Stubbs (Perfecto, Solaris, Discover) and renowned Californian vocalist Evan Henzi. Rollercoaster is the trio’s second outing, their previous single High Tide (Perfecto) was praised across the board for its infectious vocal hook and ear-worm melodies – but the guys have gone one better with Rollercoaster. This is a soundtrack to fresh summer memories. Kristina and Danny have created a subtle, enticing and enthralling canvas for Evan’s soaring and lyrically poignant vocal across three versions, with warm, punchy and pin-sharp production. The original is a radio-perfect and instantly memorable singalong gem. The Club Mix is lush and beautiful, yet also powerful – thanks to its spacious groove. Finally, the Sunset Horizon version (featuring enchanting guitar by Ben Weiss) is classic Balearic chillout. Your summer souvenir.

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