Anssi Hohti aka Allende has released +40 singles over the past decade – every trance fan knows what he sounds like, but aside from that he is something of an enigma – which makes us focus more closely on the music itself. This is his 16th release with the ILikeItPure label family, and as with every Allende release it is noteworthy and deserves attention.

‘Fading Light’ is the opening track on Disc 2 of Solarstone’s Pure Trance Vol. 10 album and sets the tone perfectly for that collection of dreamy, melodic trance with its own delightfully buoyant and optimistic vibes! Allende cleverly weaves his melodic layers together, some sounds have an almost ‘80s feel to them, others are state-of-the-art fresh. The drum programming is crisp & bright and his nifty production tricks are deliciously on-point. This is an ashamedly positive-sounding record from one of Finland’s finest exports.

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