Originally released on Serious in 2000, this classic from Adam Pracy aka The Conductor & The Cowboy was a huge hit back at the millennium & now it returns via Pure Trance with a bundle of fabulous new remixes – this is the 3rd and final remix pack from Pure Trance.

We kick off with another of Enigma State’s fantastic retro-style productions, which theoretically would mean that his remix should sound as if it were one of the remixes released in 2000. This 138bpm +9-minute epic is brilliantly done with an intricate and clearly well-thought-out arrangement that introduces many new elements whilst staying faithful to the original. We also have a handy Dub for those long, strobe-fuelled nights. Chris Nycon ups the ante to 142bpm with his Psy-tinged, acidically gurgling, zappy-kick-propelled thumper of a remix that surprisingly breaks to some lovely pianos before dropping into a gated-synth-fest with a wicked vibe about it. Finally, & rounding off this series of remixes, is a gorgeous chill-out revision by Magdelayna aka Adam Rodziewicz, a chap who has been passionately remixing classic trance tracks in his ‘Chilled Out Euphoria’ style since the mid 2000s & he clearly loves ‘Feeling This Way’ – as he does it proper justice. It’s been a pleasure issuing this series of remixes of such a wonderful record, and we thanks Adam Pracy for trusting Pure Trance with this task.

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