This really is an astonishingly great package from Paul A. Pele, a Russian producer who went by the name of ‘Paul Pele’ until recently, when he added the extra ‘A.’. Most of his releases since 2013 have been on the Portuguese label Veritas, so we were delighted to receive this. A beautifully composed and produced trance record, ‘Chernobyl’ features a majestic musical journey, which although orchestral in composition – does not stray into the territory of so-called ‘Orchestral Trance’. The instruments are thoroughly electronic at the source and synths never get overshadowed by more organic layers. The record comes in three versions, firstly the stylish ‘Intro Mix’ which does exactly what you’d expect – this format is sadly missing from most trance releases these days and it is an excellent tool for DJs to open their sets, or the opening track in a radio or compilation mix. Next, the main mix – the Club Mix which captures all the sweeps and movements but stays 100% built for the dance floor. Finally, a poignant ‘Epilog’ that completes the picture. Epic!

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