You’d have to have been living under a rock for the last 2 years to be unaware of the shockwaves which Gai Barone has sent through the ranks of the progressive scene, his unique sound has the support of everybody from Sasha to Solarstone, from Hernan Cattaneo to Aly & Fila. ‘Shiny’ is gleaned from the track-list of Pure Trance Vol. 6 and it is the perfect example of why Gai is the man on everybody’s lips when it comes to progressive trance, progressive house, call it what you will. The track delivers it’s message via jagged synth lines, emotive chord changes and a spattering of crystalline arpeggiators. The break is perfect late night club material, cavernous reverbs and twisted all-enveloping filters erupt into a glorious payoff. This is the Italian progressive master at his finest.

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