Jamie Baggotts always delivers something special, with depth & meaning. Even the title 43200 has an interesting story behind it; it is the ‘Great Pyramid of Giza Ratio’. Cue nerd explanation:

“In a great many publications and articles concerning the Great Pyramid, it is oftentimes mentioned that the full base-line circumference (of the four sides of the structure) is almost exactly 0.5 of a single minute of arc upon the plane of the earth’s equator. And indeed, a number of researchers have thus suggested that this was the governing principle that determined the size of the monument i.e. it was built deliberately so that the square base circumference of the structure would be equal to half of 1 minute of arc at the plane of the equator; expressed fractionally as 1 / 43200 of the full circumference.”

If you’re still us, let’s talk about the music. At >10 minutes this is undeniably a progressive epic, shamelessly so & just how we like it. An acidic bass and 909 percussion form the keystone while muted sequences build a hypnotic atmosphere which twists & turns through the break to an understated but powerful payoff. Slick.

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