This is the 4th instalment of remixes from David Forbes first Hal Stucker album ‘Electronic Excursions’. The Hal Stucker sound is dance legend David Forbes (Public Domain, Optimus, Active Force, Tekra, Arkadi etc.) exploring his progressive side; deep, emotive, melodic, expertly crafted dance music.

A fan favourite from ‘Electronic Excursions’; ‘Celeste’ is all about the slow burn. With a moody, hypnotic analogue arpeggiator that ebbs and flows throughout this +8 minute ‘electronic excursion’ & meaty synth brass summoning up memories of Pink Floyds’ Dark Side of the Moon’. Gai Barone’s remix is without doubt one of his finest – and darkest – to date; soaking the listener in reverb this version is at home on a very dark, sweaty, strobe pulsed dance floor. Gai makes the arpeggiator contract and explode, kind of like an audible singularity, then lets the LFO filters have their wicked way post drop.

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