Some records – despite their brilliance – get lost in the mists of time, that ‘Classic’ tag (prompting inclusion on countless compilations) proving elusive. ‘Indica’, released on Quad Communications back in 1998 is one of those tracks. At the time it was supported by Sasha, Digweed, Warren, Oakenfold – it’s a long list. It’s one of those tracks that makes you sit up & listen, with its simplistic production, ethereal vocal sample and rolling breaks ‘middle bit’ it locked in countless dance floors back when the trance scene was in its Zenith.

This version has an interesting back story of its own. Solarstone remixed it for Pure Trance Vol. 8, then Orkidea made his own Pure Progressive remix using both the original stems and also Solarstone’s own remix stems, slowing down the pace and adding space and atmosphere and most importantly – a solid classic Orkidea groove. A seminal record that never gets old.

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