Passive Progressive is Texan Harris Briggs, and vocalist Sentient Mullet is from Canada. ‘Fluke’ featured on the acclaimed Electronic Architecture Vol. 4 album, albeit in a Reconstruction format by Solarstone. Harris produces across a myriad of genres, but Progressive House is a loose term to describe what we have here. The Original 116 bpm version has a rich, organic texture with aged keys & strings, sultry beats, homely guitar & a delightfully laidback but provocative vocal that oozes charm and sophistication. For his Reconstruction, Solarstone strips back Fluke’s instrumentation, plucking out key elements & laying them down over subtle 122bpm percussion track, keeping the fabulous sonorous bassline firmly in place. The vocal is also minimized to a haunting chorus hook ‘So you can tell all your friends that it’s over now’ resulting in a formidable low-key atmospheric club gem.

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