Finland’s Anssi Hohti a.k.a. Allende just keeps making brilliant records and again we beggar the question; why is he one of Finland’s most underrated producers? Probably both Anssi’s lack of interest in doing the DJ thing or absence of a thirst for stardom can answer that question. All that backstory just means these three versions of Midnight Train were produced out of pure passion, with no agenda – probably one reason why this is such an original and refreshing track. There are subtle hints of Kraftwerk in its polyrhythmic synth work across all 3 mixes, but each has its own vibe. The Original covers a lot of ground stylistically and features all the hooks but for the club mixes your first port of call should be the Back to Basics mix with its forcefully driving twin-303 lines, renaissance-esque drum programming and credible melodies. The Stripped Mix has more of a lo-fi analogue sound to it, like it could have been ripped from a rare early 90’s vinyl.

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