Bringing the fabulous Pure Progressive Vol. 2 campaign to a natural conclusion, this EP features 5 Forerunners productions from the album in their full, previously unreleased Extended glory. The album has been a great platform for Forerunners deeply thoughtful sound, and his loving touch can be heard in each of these pieces.

This EP treads a deep path from the subliminal breaks of Our Miracles (which opened Disc 1) to the +10 Minute odyssey Dreams for You, from the murky soundscape ‘Flood of Memories’ to the ambient meanderings of Lost in our Years and finally to the haunting Hymn which closes Disc 2.

We thank Brenden Forerunners for compiling and mixing such a wonderful album of brilliant progressive gems. We send a shout out to all artists who contributed their music & talents to this landmark release, and we salute the DJs who have supported the music. Finally, thank you to our loyal listenership.

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