Russia’s Vasily Dvortsov is neoclassic musician, the man behind the 16-year-old multi-genre Orangereya podcast (where he shares his innermost thoughts and observations, and which often broadcasts live from places in Nature). You may remember him as Sunbird or from the 00’s project The Orange (Emotive Sounds, Arcana, Iji, Monster, Soundlab). His most recent self-titled release was the chilled-out Swan album on the Galileo Dreams label, way back in 2015 – so this is a welcome return to the world of trance for Vasily. The 122 bpm On Transgalactic Bridge (taken from Slam Duck’s Pure Progressive Vol. 3) is a wide-angle fantasy for deep minded travellers – a deep, warm and sumptuous helping of Pure Trance music with a gorgeous and understated 3-loop melody, hypnotic breakbeat fills and a husky, pointed bass line. About the song, Vasily writes “This is a rare case where I am delighted with everything about a track; the title, sound, melody, atmosphere, mixing…the inspiration appeared all of a sudden as I sat on the couch back in December 2022 – I became aware of the nobility of Space, hence the epic title.”

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